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Coriander Seeds | Cumin Seeds | Fenugreek Seeds

Imagine your food without any spices. Unimaginable, is it? We can easily put it this way; wherever you find an Indian you will find spices. No wonder, when food giants from across the world come to India, they have to add an Indian twist to their menu. In India we many spices available but the major useful in day to day life are Asafoetide seeds, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Garlic Seeds, Dry Ginger Powder, Turmeric and Chilly.

Right from the kitchen and medicinal uses in homes spices have an important role to play in different places. As India is blessed with a varied climate each of its state produces some spice or the other. No wonder why spices are used so extensively for cooking in India. Not only in India but also in some other countries spices are considered to be of great use.

Apart from adding colour, flavour and taste, consumption of spices provide infinite health benefits. You can be more creative in use of spices if you know its uses better. Some may be a substitute for your costly beauty products and even medicines. Have a quick overview of Indian spices, their uses and benefits

Uses Benefits
Asafoetida (Hing) It is employed for seasoning food particularly snacks and has healthful uses. A decent remedy for respiratory illness and abdomen ache caused thanks to gas.
Chilli (Lal Mirch) It could be a main ingredient used for adding hot flavour to the food. The antioxidants gift in chili facilitates to deal with cholesterol. It conjointly helps burning calories.
Coriander leaves additionally as coriander seeds square measure employed in preparation. It conjointly has some healthful uses. It may be used outwardly on aching joints and rheumatism. it’s conjointly smart for addressing pharyngitis, allergies , digestion issues, pollinosis etc.
Seeds (Zeera)
It is employed for preparation and it conjointly possesses healthful properties. It a decent supply or iron and keeps system healthy. Water cooked with cumin seeds is sweet for addressing infectious disease.
Fenugreek Seeds
It is principally used as a inexperienced veggie and seeds square measure used for seasoning and getting ready Masalas. It conjointly has healthful uses. Seasoning tea or sweet fudge is sweet for increasing breast milk. It conjointly useful for treating polygenic disorder and lowering cholesterol
Dry Powder
It is employed for preparation additionally as for the healthful purpose. It’s helpful for addressing cough and cold. It conjointly has antibiotic properties.
Ginger Dry Powder (Adrak) It is employed for giving a particular flavour to food and has several healthful uses. Helps to avoid biological process issues. It’s helpful for addressing cough and cold.
Turmeric (Haldi) It is employed in preparation and skin care product. Its big selection healthful uses.
It helps subsume skin issues. Turmeric powder may be used for healing cuts and wounds. It conjointly makes addressing polygenic disorder easier.

Spices are used and from India since ages. Many of these spices like areAsafoetide seeds, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Garlic Seeds, Dry Ginger Powder, Turmeric and Chilly.

Though these spices offer infinite advantages they must be used slenderly. The excessive use of spices in food will cause hurt to the health. Attempt to create specific use of those spices. This can assist you to create optimum use of the resources provided naturally. Strike the correct balance and add some spice to your life.

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